Sharon Stoned

Anything I need to say about Sharon Stoned despite that they split up much too soon?

The experimental lo-fi noise-rock outfit Sharon Stoned formed 1995 by Mark Kowarsch & Christopher Uhe right after the split of their band Speed Niggs. Following their awesome debut album License To Confuse and the Tape EP on Berlin’s City Slang label, Mark and Krite signed to Sony Columbia and release the highly acclaimed double-album Sample & Hold, which took in special guest contributions from the likes of Evan Dando (the band supported The Lemonheads throughout their 1996 Car Button Cloth europe-tour), Lou Barlow, The Notwist, Tom Liwa, Furtips, Gitbox!, Tuesday Weld, Tocotronic and members of HP Zinker and Die Goldenen Zitronen. After the Down single and the tour retrospective You Very Own EP, the collection All Death All Of The Time 1995-2015 was released 2015 as part of the 74on47-project by Sharon Stoned & Tortuga Bar. All Death All Of The Time 1995-2015 is a bunch of rarities, outtakes, favorite tracks, remixes, compilation and live tracks.


  • License To Confuse (Snoop Records/Enemy Records 1995)
  • Tape EP (City Slang 1995)
  • Sample & Hold (Sony Columbia 1996)
  • Down (Sony Columbia 1996)
  • Your Very Own EP (Sony Columbia 1997)
  • All Death All Of The Time 1995-2015 (VierSieben Records 2015)

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Retrospective (25th Anniversary Remaster 2021) released September 07, 2021 in cooperation with indepentees.

SHARON STONED – Retrospective (25th Anniversary Remaster 2021)

  1. Nothing I Could Change (04:16)
  2. Superkind (04:12)
  3. Up To You (03:11)
  4. Sample & Hold (03:33)
  5. 20 Weeks (03:53)
  6. Hardcore (04:44)
  7. My Style feat. The Notwist
  8. Special Plan feat. Evan Dando
  9. One Dark Love Poem (03:02)
  10. Some feat. Lou Barlow
  11. Falling & Laughing (04:33)
  12. Down feat. Roeland Van Niele
  13. Never Dare To Ask feat. Dirk Von Lowtzow
  14. Tape feat. The Notwist
  15. Your Own feat. Tom Liwa
  16. To A Friend feat. Micha Acher
  17. The Outdoor Type (01:59)
  18. Unfair (06:08)
  19. Supernoah feat. The Notwist
  20. So Much Bigger Now Live

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