Speed Niggs

The indie-rock-trio Speed Niggs started blowing the world of Rock’n’Roll away back in 1989, consisting of Mark Kowarsch, Jan Beigel and Christopher Uhe.

The band’s debut album Boston Beigel Yeah!! was album of the month in SPEX magazine, whose readers later voted the band Best Newcomer 1989 in an end of year poll. Their second album Another Valley On The Long Decline features the track Paint It Sweet with Evan Dando (The Lemonheads) on vocals, a track which Dando referred as ‘one of the best tracks I’ve ever worked on’.

Following the release of their third album 667 – Right Between The Dicks and a bunch of Singles and Compilation-Tracks, the band split in 1994. During their five years together Speed Niggs played ass-kicking, mind-blowing shows with era-defining bands including Soundgarden, Dead Moon, Grant Hart, The Lemonheads, L7, Yo La Tengo, The Clean, Urban Dance Squad, The Obsessed, Giant Sand, Maureen Tucker, Das Damen, Jad Fair & Half Japanese, Bullet LaVolta, The Chills, Sylvia Juncosa, Kolossale Jugend and Soul Asylum.


  • Boston Beigel Yeah!! (Beat All The Tambourines 1989)
  • Speed Niggs & AJZ Bielefeld Posse EP (Blackbox Records 1990)
  • Another Valley On The Long Decline (Historia 1990)
  • Evan Dando & The Speed Niggs ”7 (Goar 1991)
  • 667 – Right Between The Dicks (Beat Hotel 1992)

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20 Speed Niggs Songs from three albums, EPs, Singles, Compilations, Bonus-Tracks plus a bunch of cool Cover-Songs (AC/DC, Prince, Das Damen, GOD, Mission Of Burma) released August 25, 2021 in cooperation with indepentees.

SPEED NIGGS – No Sleep ´Til Deathmold 1989-1994 (2021)

  1. Ride The Cage (03:30)
  2. The Way I Like It (02:57)
  3. Paint It Sweet feat. Evan Dando
  4. Pull It Out (05:10)
  5. Garbage Love (03:12)
  6. To And Fro (04:04)
  7. Fancy Clothes (05:00)
  8. Bundy (03:25)
  9. Suicide Night (04:50)
  10. Crawl Baby (04:35)
  11. She’s Got Balls (03:31)
  12. My Friend (03:31)
  13. That’s When I Reach For My Revolver (04:05)
  14. I Could Never Take The Place Of Your Man (03:09)
  15. Toys In The Deep Freeze (04:03)
  16. All The Same Acoustic Version
  17. Ain’t No More Fun (02:58)
  18. My Pal (03:16)
  19. Bush Hog Ride (02:18)
  20. Gray Isn’t Black (02:01)

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