Indian Summer

Indian Summer was an American emo band originally from Oakland, California.

The band released a full 7″ on Repercussion Records, and split 7 inches with Current, Embassy and Ordination of Aaron. They also released a song on the Eucalyptus compilation (2×7″) on Tree Records, a song on the Food Not Bombs compilation LP on Inchworm Records, and a song on the Ghost Dance compilation (2×7″) on Slave Cut Records.

Science 1994 was released in 2002 and Hidden Arithmetic, an entirely live album consisting of one live set and a live radio broadcast, was released in 2006, both on the Future Recordings label.

AllMusic described them as “one of the more exciting and influential bands in a crop of underground acts that defined an obscure but inspired era of American emo.”

Science 1994 has been named as the 37th best emo album by Rolling Stone. A compilation of their entire studio discography titled Giving Birth to Thunder Ψ was released by The Numero Group in 2019. Pitchfork named the release a “Best New Reissue” in September 2019.

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