Acheborn’s music was raw, heavy, violent and brutal: thick guitars, hard-pounding rhythm-section and screaming vocals building a wall of metallic crust.

Some compared them with Unbroken but also the chaotic sounds of Bands like Deadguy was a big influence. They came from the Darmstadt area: André Liegl (bass), Heikki Eiden (vocals), Sascha Salipurovic (drums), Steffen Heller (guitar) and Jens Wucherpfennig (guitar). Their first release, the Demon Love (7”) came out Defiance Records in 1996. After that they released a split-7” with Northcore heroes Systral and their full length album Tuesday Is Dead on Trans Solar in 1999. They disbanded in 2001 after playing countless shows and releasing some more compilation tracks. Dance to the rhythm of decadence.

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